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Learn how to e-enable your Institute with Innove Technologies

The Education Services industry is fast becoming a fiercely competitive one. Firms therefore stand to gain from Information Technology in terms of Enterprise-wide IT solutions, resource planning, online learning, customer relationship management, smart-card systems and pervasive online applications. Education services enterprises have undergone significant evolution in all aspects of the industry, ranging from comprehensive e-learning programmes to global information management to infrastructure design to enhanced customer marketing and sales campaigns.

The Education Service Enterprise needs the power of accurate, real-time, mined information at its doorstep. It needs to be able to reach out to its customers and service them in increasingly generous amounts at low costs. It therefore needs to invest in viable IT infrastructure that will provide it the leverages it needs. Business Intelligence is of critical importance, as it would differentiate the firm in the marketplace.

As in every other industry, the ultimate aim of this setup is to provide for a paperless setup across the enterprise. In the Education space, this broadly encompasses two areas - First, the management of the organizations internal processing needs, and Second, online delivery of courses and teaching to students.

Download the the whitepaper here: Strategy Paper - Integrated IT Deployment for the Education Industry PDF
Integrated Information Technology
Adopting, Implementing, Deploying and Maintaining Secure, Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Solutions across the Distributed Education Campus.

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