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The following are typical users of the eCOLE system. However, a customer may not necessarily limit himself to these. The User Roles, and their Permission levels can be modified on the fly by the customer.

Admissions Officers Placement Officers Accountants
Registrars Marketing Officers Cashiers
Course Leaders Students Parents
Subject Leaders Administrators Placement Officers
Teachers Managers System Administrator

Users are put into various User Groups. A User Group is typically defined based on the Client’s physical division of work or roles within its Organization.

Each User has three primary Access-related attributes:
  1. Functional Access Group he belongs to
  2. Organization Hierarchy he belongs to (School/ University etc)
  3. Course: Assignable as ALL, or as one or more specific Courses
Functional Access is enabled for Users at a Group Level.
Organizational Hierarchy and Course is assigned for every User.

A combination of the above dictates what the User gets to see and what he does not.

The stakeholder presentation as below will show you what the typical users could expect:
eCOLE 5i - Stakeholder Presentation_6.1
User, Permissions and Access Control
eCOLE Supports Access Control on various levels; across various functions, through various data. eCOLE supports an unlimited number of User Groups.

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eCOLE 5i - Stakeholder Presentation_6.1