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Tejas Networks                      India

Tejas Networks creates end to end transport solutions built on optical networking technology. Tejas’ transport solutions are being successfully deployed today in all major telecom networks in India and in over 50 countries across the world.

Other Specializations: Campus Applications, Enterprise Connectivity

Fyreflyz Pte Ltd                      Singapore

Fyreflyz is a Singapore based company that specializes in Marketing Solutions, ranging from Web, Print, Marketing and Events. Fyreflyz can spin your business around and add a radiant sparkle on it! We are full of ideas that can enliven and put personality on your brand. Not wanting to stick to conventions, we constantly seek ways to distinguish ourselves, and this translates into benefits for your brand as well.

Address: 91 Jalan Sultan, 02-01, Singapore 198995
Contact: (65) 6396 3968
Other Specializations: Website Design, Mail Blasts, Print Design, EDM

Palladium Consulting                       Malaysia

Palladium Consulting Sdn. Bhd., is a Malaysia based consultancy that seeks to provide a level of business comfort to companies and institutions who are seeking business opportunities in Asia. Palladium, provides a host of services ensuring a comfortable and seamless approach to harness the opportunities in the Asian markets and establishing a long term presence in a chosen country.

Address: 14, Jalan 12/14, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Other Specializations: Business Consulting, Advisory Services, Investment Advice

Harvest Global                       Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Harvest Infotech Pvt Ltd (Formerly Harvest Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd) provides consulting, technological services and innovative software solutions

Contact: +9663-8947001
Other Specializations: Healthcare software

Fiducia Infotek                       Tamil Nadu, India

Fiducia Infotek’s core portfolio comprises Software & Web Development, HR Services and Corporate training. Fiducia is an Oracle approved Training provider, and Tejas approved Training provider

Address: Roop Emerald, 5th Floor, No.45, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017. India.
Contact: (9144) 4351 3334
Other Specializations: Oracle-approved Training, Tejas Approved Training, HR Services

Elevenity Ventures                       Karnataka, India

Elevenity Ventures is a firm specializing in Mobile Apps for the Education space. The company has invested a lot of resources in Re-Engineering Processes, to be enabled by Mobile Applications.

Address: 5Y, 16 Main, 53 A Cross, 3 Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560010. India.
Contact: (9180) 2330 3165
Other Specializations: Mobile Applications Consulting, Mobile Apps for various industries

Triterras Asia Pte Ltd                       Singapore

Triterras Asia Pte Ltd is a Global Investment & IT Consulting firm providing intelligent business solutions. We enable organizations to achieve sizeable benefits from their existing technology by integrating, enhancing and delivering solutions in a highly secure and scalable environment.

Address: #21-03, Millenia Tower, One Temasek Avenue, Singapore 039192.
Contact: +65 6661 9240
Other Specializations: Education Management System, YAK Knowledge Mining System, Supply Chain management System, HealthCare ERP

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