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OCTAL stands for Online Collaborative Teaching and Learning. OCTAL is a Learning Management System engine that combines the best parts of a Computer-based Training (CBT) and Web-based Education System. OCTAL intends to provide students and teachers with the best standards in online and virtual study environments in the form of holistic content administration tools, guided tutorials, multimedia-enabled lectures, automated reporting, and personalized teacher-pupil interaction facilities.

OCTAL enables an institution to effectively and uniquely deliver educational content by creating a virtual classroom. It offers the opportunity to maximize the potential of the Internet/Intranet in running Academic and Professional Training, be it Corporate, School-Centric or Private.

The OCTAL engine consists of many smaller sub-systems intricately woven together. We are able to deliver specific, customized solutions to customers by adding, modifying or re-arranging particular sub-systems in the engine as the customer deems fit. A customer may choose to tear down the complete interface of the LMS, and develop his own proprietary look-and-feel. He may have a legacy-authoring tool that he wants to use along with OCTAL. He may choose to have it communicate with his existing third-party financial system. The OCTAL engine allows for all such scenarios while seamlessly integrating the rest of the sub-systems to the new components. OCTAL, therefore, is probably one of the only completely scalable and customizable Learning Management Systems available in the market.

The OCTAL engine, being completely internet-enabled, supports multiple browsers. It also contains support for delivery of content on Tablets, PDA's and e-Books. The OCTAL engine contains tools for personalized Teacher-Student interaction and Student-Student interaction in order to enhance the learning experience.

"The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn." - Alvin Toffler

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