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Biometric Systems / Smart-Cart Systems / RFID Systems: Integrating Smart-Card Systems, Integrate the same with Security systems in the campus(es), Integrate to the Attendance and Timesheets.

Mobile Integration: Integrating all services for provision on Mobile Interfaces. Video Conferencing System: Enabling One-Way Video-Streaming and Two-Way Video-Conferencing.

Thin Clients / Desktop Machines: Thin Clients shall provide a low-maintenance mechanism for the organization to manage access and hardware problems.

Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence Systems provide the management with credible knowledge by mining through all raw information and data available through all other systems.

Web-Services / Inter-Application Connectivity: Making applications talk to each other through a Web-Service Gateway.

E-transactions: Facilitating financial transaction over the Net. Linking to Banks and other required financial remitters.

Online Courses / Content Conversion: Digitization of Course Materials, Lecture Notes, Tests, Assignments, and other Content.
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Go Paperless

Biometric services, Smartcards and other accessories can ultimately enable you to achieve the dream of a paperless institute

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